• Danielle McGuinness

The never ending search for the perfect resume!

Your resume is your personal brand! No wonder I get asked to review resumes on a daily basis - I know there is so much conflicting information about what constitutes the perfect format and content. These are some thoughts -

1. Writing in the third person

Don't do it! It comes across as pompous and frankly strange! Stick with "I" and keep it personal.

2. Typos and grammatical mistakes

Spell check people! Have someone else review your work and edit. Double check, triple check it before it ever goes out!

3. Too much detail (text)

I once received a resume with twenty four pages! Yes, really! (ok it was for an academic role, but even in that setting it is FAR TOO LONG). In this day and age when "reading" amounts to phrases (think Instagram) keep it to one to three pages MAX.

4. Unaligned with the job you’re applying for

Why would an employer read a resume when it’s not aligned with their job description? Make it EASY for the recruiter/hiring manager to want to call you - make it impossible for them not to want to chat to you about the role!

5. Different fonts sizes and colors

Keep the look and feel modern and classy! Check out all the options available to you -Google fonts:

6. Duties and responsibilities in place of accomplishments

Job duties are not accomplishments. They’re far from it. Accomplishments should be measurable outcomes and explain what you did that created success or results for an employer. Accomplishments will set you apart.

7. Present and past tense

Know your past from your present tense. Resumes written in the wrong tense don’t read very well. Keep it consistent!

8. Missing contact information

At the very least, have your personal email address (not work!) and cell number clearly stated. I like to see home addresses too - it adds to the personal tone of your resume. Make sure your personal email is not too "personal" ( does not really send the right message!!).

I would be privileged to support you in writing your resume - feel free to reach out!

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