• Danielle McGuinness

How to find the right person for your job!

If you’re a small company you might not find yourself in the position where you recruit very often and when the occasion does arise you might feel a little unsure about the process, how to attract the best applicants or how to make the selection. I hope this might help you find the right person! 

1. The Job Description

Get it right! Make sure it outlines exactly what the job is and what is required of the desired applicant to fulfill the role. It needs to contain the daily responsibilities of the roles, necessary skills and desired outcome of the role as well as the remuneration and benefits on offer. No encyclopedias required!

2. A Clear Advertisement

This is the first point of contact an applicant has with your company, it’s important that this is attractive and clear. If you put out a vague advert then you can expect the quality of resumes to be poorer than if you put out a well explained advertisement detailing exactly what you are looking for and what the role is. Again, keep it simple and also consistent with your corporate branding.

3. The Application Process

Whilst job seekers like to see an easy and short application process, you need to make sure you’re getting the information you need out of it in order to make shortlisting decisions. Have you got their resume? Do you require a cover letter too? Perhaps a brief application form would really help identify who has the skills suitable for your role?  Asking some well thought through and relevant questions will assist you in the screening process and get the candidates thinking!

4. Killer questions

Linking with tip 3, killer questions are a great way to identify the talent amongst your applications. Put key questions in your application process that applicants have to answer in order to move their application forward. Anyone who does not do well with the questions can be placed into ‘unsuccessful’ immediately, leaving you only the well-matched applicants left to look through.

5. Candidate experience

Whilst your focus is to fill your job vacancy with a quality applicants, you might that you are the obstacle yourself, or rather your recruitment process is. If an applicant doesn’t have a positive journey during their application with you then they are unlikely to accept the position – and worst still will share their negative experience with others. I often say to candidates that the hiring process is reflective of what it will be like to work for the organization.

6. Interview

Perhaps the most obvious tip when recruiting staff is to have a solid idea of what you’re looking for at the interview stage. Having a clear idea in your mind about the type of person you want in the role will really help to place the perfect person. Think about the role from a skills gap point of view, what do you want this person this bring to the role? How will they benefit your company going forward? It’s not just about their past experiences and credentials as much as it is about their future and where they can go. If you think about their future within your company as well as their past, you’ll find yourself with someone capable and willing to achieve within your organization. Also, be sure to give the candidates the heads up on what they should expect through the interview process. This allows the candidate to be better prepared - nothing worse than thinking you are having a relaxed "chat" and it turns out to be a 5 person panel interview! You won't get the best of out anyone with the element of surprise!

7. Reference check 

Finally, check out the applicants work history, their capabilities and their qualifications – not that you want to find any white lies on resumes, but this ensures you are hiring someone capable of doing the job...and it’s always reassuring to hear good feedback from previous managers! Also, don't forget to undertake a quick social media check - LI/FB for starters.

(Pro tip for candidates - don't forget that companies WILL cross check your resume and social media profiles for consistency).


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